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Mountain Area Christian Academy

Equipping Students to Live a God Honoring Life


Mountain Area Christian Academy offers a biblically-saturated Preschool through 12th grade education that prepares the whole student for all of life. In service to our community and in close partnership with families, we equip students with the personal, practical, and spiritual tools necessary for a fruitful life in God’s kingdom.

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Delighted to Learn

In order to get an education that “sticks,” students need creative professional teachers, curricula and teaching strategies accommodated to their individual realities, and small-sized classes free from unaddressed distractions.

MACA excels in all of these. Our gifted teachers have freedom to tailor their curricula and classrooms in order to serve the individual needs of their students. We know from experience that you don’t have to sacrifice high academic standards to make learning a lasting joy.

Steeped in the Word

God’s Word in the Bible informs every aspect of MACA’s educational approach. We select our teachers and textbooks carefully to ensure that a biblical worldview pervades our academic environment, but we also emphasize personal Christian commitment in our student body through required Bible classes, weekly chapel services, and personal discipleship.

Living in the world today presents a huge number of worldview and lifestyle challenges, and we aim to equip young Christians with the biblical knowledge and character they will need to flourish in even the most hostile conditions.

Ready to Serve

MACA embraces service to the community as a central principle for our school family. Like our Lord, we want to go into the world to serve, not to be served. We instill this teaching into our student body both by teaching and example.

We partner with and host local businesses and churches in periodic charitable and community-building endeavors, and have a nearly decades-old JROTC program where students can learn the drills, customs, and courtesies of a formal life of service in the military. We want our students to learn early and learn well how to serve something beyond themselves.

Prepared for Life

We know life happens outside the walls of the classroom, so our instruction doesn’t end there. We offer vocational training, practical skills instruction, mission trips, and more to prepare our students for life beyond mere academics.

Aside from the voluntary life education programs students can join (like JROTC), we ensure broader life preparation with what we call J-Term, a few weeks after Christmas break where students step aside from their normal class schedule to focus on self-selected elective and vocational credits doing things like woodworking, fine arts, home economics, or even mountain biking.

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We’re dedicated to making the best Christian education affordable for every family, and through private charity, public sponsorships, and the Georgia GOAL program, we have so many ways to do just that. If you think you can’t afford a private Christian education, come talk to us. You might be surprised!