There are many education options out there. Why should you choose Mountain Area Christian Academy?


MACA is well worth the money anyway, but through savvy stewardship, creativity, and a devotedly generous staff, we’ve figured out some great ways to make our schooling far more affordable. And if even our low prices aren’t quite low enough, we have so many ways to make it even more affordable, from CAPS to the Georgia GOAL program to private donors. If it’s the right fit for you, we’ll probably be able to make it work.


At MACA, we’re serious about preparing the whole person for all of life. Our education includes vocational, practical, real-life education to ensure that our students will be able to balance a budget as well as an equation. And through biblical education and spiritual discipleship, we give our students everything they need to know God and serve Him fruitfully.


Though we emphasize whole-life education, that doesn’t mean we cut corners on academics. MACA has proven a decidedly effective college preparatory school. The vast majority of our graduates go on to attend and graduate from college, and their test scores consistently (and usually greatly) outperform national averages. So MACA is by no means less than academic. But it is more than just academic.


Our curriculum is Christian. And our teachers are Christian. That’s to be expected, since our name says we’re a “Christian” academy. But we also require that all our students and their families be actively Christian as well, and that’s less common. We’re convinced it makes a huge difference to the quality of education we can offer. We want dedicated partners in this community of faith, and we think that Christian character must precede Christian education, or the whole enterprise will fail.