Financial Aid

Helping Your Family Reach Your Goals


Many people think they simply cannot afford private education for their kids. Especially in a time of economic downturn, when every penny counts, Mountain Area Christian Academy would love to help. Through savvy, careful stewardship and a history of generous patronage, we have ensured that the maximum amount  of donations go toward scholarships and tuition deductions, not keeping our lights on. We are passionate about providing Christian education, and we don’t want something as trifling as money to get in the way of that.

Georgia GOAL Partner

We’re a partnering school in the Georgia GOAL Program, a profound way that taxpaying individuals, families, and businesses can get 100% tax credit for donations toward participating private schools. Every year since the landmark legislation passed in 2008, the Georgia State Government has allotted millions of tax dollar credits to partnering private schools in order to help families get more affordable private education.

Here’s basically how it works: the taxpayer selects a certain amount of tax liability to give toward the GOAL program up to a maximum amount set by the State which differs for individuals, families, and businesses. Then, those dollars go straight to a partnering GOAL school (like MACA!) and that same amount of money is deducted from that taxpayer’s tax liability to the state of Georgia. This is not a deduction! This is a 100% tax credit. That means the donation does not get removed from your taxable income (which would be a relief already), it actually gets removed from the amount of taxes you owe, no matter your liability. That is simply an amazing opportunity, and one of the best ways private schools like MACA can afford to give deep discounts to families in need.

If you want to become a partner with MACA, helping support us in our goal to provide a Christian education at an affordable price, this is a great opportunity to do just that. You would already be paying these taxes anyway! But this way, every one of those tax dollars go to support MACA’s families. Know that if you need financial support, our GOAL dollars don’t go to our costs. We have those covered already. These donations go straight to helping families in need get their children an excellent Christian education.

Private Donations

Mountain Area Christian School also partners with local businesses and private donors to create scholarships and tuition reductions for families in need. Through support from local businesses and churches, we are able to provide financial aid to non-Georgia residents in the tri-state area. Our banner program is one way we do this, but we also raise funds from trusts and families who understand the profound difference a Christian education can make in the world. We’re thankful so many generous patrons have chosen MACA as their partner in this.

Financial Information

    Multi-Child and Other Discounts

    MACA also offers a per-child discount for families with multiple attending children, as well as discounts for veterans. We’re dedicated to making the best Christian education more affordable.

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