Our Community

Ready to Serve


At Mountain Area Christian Academy, we want our students to be like Jesus: to come serving rather than wanting to be served. We can’t teach that only in word and not lead by example. We are dedicated to serving and partnering with the local community, and we’re open to learning more ways we can do just that.

Cultivating Great Citizens

This might seem too obvious, but one of the major services we provide for the community is training up and educating fine young Christians, most of whom will live in the community. Our students may end up being employees in your retail shops and drivers on your streets, but they may also well be your doctors, lawyers, and local business owners too. And we’re doing our best in partnership with dedicated Christian families to make our community a better place, one student at a time.

Community Events

We love throwing community events in our spacious facility and giving our students even more opportunities for hands-on training and service. We have thrown fundraiser dinners and conferences for churches at our facility, and we’re open to doing more. Ask us what we might be able to do for you.

Home School Family Opportunities

Our facilities and programs are not just for MACA Lions. Many of our programs and events are open to home school students, including our athletic programs, CJROTC, mission trips, and many vocational electives. Contact us if you’re a homeschooling parent in the area and you’re looking to provide your children with some socialization and elective opportunities.

Service Projects

Every year, we try to provide multiple service project opportunities for our MACA student family to get involved in. Our CJROTC director finds some for cadets and students alike, and our vocational trainers can generally rally a few more, but we’d love to get your ideas for what we can do next. We’d love to get more involved in directly serving this community we love. If you have ideas, let us know!


If you’re dedicated to our Mountain Area community too and you’d like to partner with us, we have many options. One of the greatest opportunities for you or your business is getting a 100% tax credit off your Georgia state taxes by donating to MACA through the Georgia GOAL program. This is an astounding opportunity for businesses and individuals and it costs you nothing more than you’re already paying in taxes. Find out more about that here. 

We also have a banner program so you or your business can advertise in our gym for $250, $500, or $1,000. Support your MACA Lions, and let us support you.

We also have a sponsorship program so your church or business can partner with MACA.  Sponsorship includes having a banner hung in our gym, recognition in our quarterly Community Newsletter and at our school wide community events, and much more.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact our Finance Department.

 If you’re interested in discussing ways MACA can partner with you for this community, contact us!