Elementary School

Good Foundations…

We use time-tested teaching techniques in adaptive and individualized learning environments to provide kindergarten children up to fifth grade with lasting foundations in reading, math, science, and Christian faith.


At the elementary level, we emphasize memory drills and arithmetic for math, and phonics and grammar for reading. These time-tested teaching methods have a proven track record in providing students a foundation in the basics that will last.


We ensure small class sizes and adaptive learning environments, along with the advice of a trained intervention specialist, to provide a truly personalized elementary education. When it comes to elementary education, one size certainly does not fit all!


Even at the elementary level, students need more than just head knowledge. We integrate physical education, art and life skills enrichment, and weekly chapels and bible education to make sure our elementary students are growing in their whole person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What curriculum does MACA use for elementary school?
MACA primarily uses Abeka Books for Kindergarten through fifth grade, but teachers are encouraged to use supplementary materials of their own selection or devising to facilitate their particular classes or styles.
Does MACA have scholarships or financial aid for elementary school students?

MACA is part of the Georgia GOAL program, which directs allotted Georgia state taxes to private education institutions while providing participating taxpayers with 100% tax credits for those dollars. It’s an amazing opportunity we direct into scholarships for students. We also have other opportunities for scholarships and partnerships you can read about here.