Middle School

Tools And Transitions


In sixth through eighth grades, MACA students begin the transition to greater independence and specialization in learning and faith, while continuing to develop and deepen the general tools they began to master in elementary school.

Forward Looking

Middle School is a pivotal time between childhood and adulthood, and we want to challenge our middle schoolers to look forward rather than back. Especially in later grades, we incorporate middle schoolers into high school sports, chapel services, and projects, while also increasing their responsibility for independent learning.


Education doesn’t happen in a bubble, and Christian education needs to address the real challenges—mental, emotional, and spiritual—that young people face at younger and younger ages. MACA partners with parents to help students prepare through apologetics and biblical worldview training, technology stewardship, discipleship, and spiritual formation.


For middle schoolers too, we focus on small class sizes and adaptive learning environments, but middle school also sees an increase in electives, athletics, and extracurricular activities so that each student can explore the breadth of possibilities God has in store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What curriculum does MACA use for Middle School?
MACA Middle School has no set curriculum. MACA grades 6–12 will use many textbooks from Bob Jones University Press and we utilize Positive Action for Christ Bible curriculum from grades 4–12, but we encourage teachers to use whatever materials, textbooks, or supplementary materials they think will serve their particular students and teaching goals/styles, all under the guiding principles of Christ-centered, biblical education.
Does MACA have scholarships or financial aid for Middle School students?

MACA is part of the Georgia GOAL program, which directs allotted Georgia state taxes to private education institutions while providing participating taxpayers with 100% tax credits for those dollars. It’s an amazing opportunity we direct into scholarships for students. We also have other opportunities for scholarships and partnerships you can read about here.